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Curble Comfy Posture Corrector Chair – Black

£33.33 - £40.00 Inc. VAT

Disc Care System

Curble Chair is designed for office workers and students, who spend most of the time sitting on a chair, to keep a good posture and maintain a healthy spine line.

Spine Lifting System for Good Posture

Curble Chair’s Disc Comfort Cushion is designed for the human body to support user’s L-spine to help minimise the stress on the spine.

Dual Structure Cushion & Fabric

Dual structure cushion & fabric helps your body and the chair better stick together and holds either side of the waist softly and firmly.

Air Hallway System

Air hallway system and fabric pattern makes body heat and sweat circulate smoothly to stay cool for a long time.

Dispersion of Waist Pressure

Curble Chair naturally brings hips together to disperse the pressure concentrated on the waist to allow users to sit comfortably for longer.

Ergonomic Design & High Elasticity Material

Sophisticated supporter made of highly elastic material pushes the L-spine naturally by the leverage effect to make a correct posture.

Optimum angle to Raise Your Waist Upright

Curble Chair’s bottom surface is raised up by 14 degrees, making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. At this moment, Curble Chair’s support pushes your waist naturally to make a correct posture.

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