Nellcor N-65 Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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This convenient, portable monitor is ideal for spot checks or continuous monitoring in virtually any setting. The OxiMax N-65 handheld pulse oximeter is compatible with the entire line of innovative OxiMax sensors, including the MAX-FAST® forehead sensor and SoftCare ̇ nonadhesive sensors.
Nellcor’s advanced signal processing technology delivers reliable operation even in difficult monitoring conditions.
Compatible with the complete line of single-patient-use, reusable and specialty OxiMax sensors.
Features industry-leading LoSat ̇ expanded accuracy range (60% to 100% SpO2) when used with OxiMax adhesive sensors, for better management of patients with congenital heart disease.
Conveniently small and lightweight.
Ergonomic shape and simple keypad make it easy to operate.
Audible and visible alarms.
Bright blue, backlit display is easy to see in any lighting conditions.
Long battery life: 19 or 40 hours depending on battery type.
Supplied with batteries and adult reusable sensor.

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