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reVive Light Therapy® – Lip Device

£65.00 - £78.00 Inc. VAT

reVive Light Therapy® Lip Care is designed to work from the inside out to stimulate your natural collagen. Experience fuller lip volume and restore youthfulness to your lips.
• FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device
• Enhances lip tone
• Minimizes appearance of smile lines, vertical lip lines, and lip creases
• Enhances plumpness giving fuller appearance
• Stimulates natural collagen and elastin
• Increases circulation
• Safe for all skin types
How to use: Wash and dry area prior to use. Press power button. Leave device over treatment area for 3 minutes. The device will turn off automatically after completion of each 3 minute treatment.
In addition to anti-aging effects, powerful infrared (IR) LED lights support skin healing and recovery activity, as well as minimizing damage caused by sunburn, bruising, cuts and scrapes, and cold sores.
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• reVive Light Therapy® Lip Care Device
• Clear, removable mouth tray
• Storage bag
• Universal USB and power cord
• Instruction manual

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