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Vein Viewer

£990.00 - £1,188.00 Inc. VAT

Vein finder detects superficial veins by infrared technology, displaying vivid vein map directly on skin. It helps find vein’s location and reduce needle stick attempts.

Our Handheld model has below characteristics:

  • Handheld, non-contact vein finder used in venipuncture for displaying veins beneath the surface
  • Uses safe infrared light source and strong light source both – no laser, no radiation, safe for your eyes
  • 3 different colours image clear and accurate – each colour has 4 levels light strength
  • No patient contact – no need to be sterilised after every use
  • Easy to learn and use – just turn it on to display the veins beneath the skin
  • Small size – fits in your hand for convenient use
  • Hands-free option – can be converted from handheld to hands-free quickly and easily
  • Usual Rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery – easily available
  • Works in light or dark lit environments
  • With sleep function for fast start and power saving

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